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1.  The Old Forge.

2.  The Farm.

3.  Markeaton Garden Centre.

4.  Home Farm.

5.  The Green.

6.  Markeaton Nurseries.

7.  Rose Garden.

8.  Former mill pond.

9.  Daffodil wood.

10. Children's amusement park.

11. Children's boating lake.

12. Paddling pool.

13. Markeaton Craft Centre.

14. The Orangery Tea Rooms.

15. Markeaton Terrace.

16. Railway engine shed.

17. Former parade ground.

18. Golf Course (pitch and put) .





When Markeaton is mentioned, most people immediately think of Markeaton Park, with its numerous attractions and special events. It is probably the most popular park in the East Midlands with an estimated one million visitors per year. However, the history of Markeaton goes back much further than the date when the public park was created.

 Markeaton Estate was very extensive and dominated the north–west side of Derby, from 1086 to the early part of the 20th century. In the Domesday Book, it was shown to be a large village with its own church and mill, although some historians now think the church was probably on the site of All Saints at Mackworth. The manor at that time was recorded to be in the hands of the Earl of Chester whose Steward, an ancestor of the Touchet family, controlled it.

Markeaton Feature

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