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Location:  On the right going up Iron Gate, a few yards after passing Sadler Gate.

Historical Information: The George Inn was built around 1648 and was one of the most famous and busiest coaching inns in Derby, during that era. The London to Nottingham stage coach ran from the George from 1735, and in 1766 the post office coach also ran from the inn. It had a wider facade at that time, and in 1693, included the part now occupied by Foulds music shop.  The yard at the rear of the inn, was once used for cock fighting and a balconied extension was built so that patrons could watch that and similar events.

Sign:  In recent years there have been a number of name changes, the most recent 'Jorrocks'. The current sign is much smaller than the one that once stretched across the street on a timber gantry. In 1784, a tragedy occurred when the sign fell down on a horse and chaise that was passing at the time. Sadly the horse took the full force of the fall with fatal consequences.

Curiosities: The pub is said to be haunted by several ghosts including a long-haired man wearing a blue coat who has been seen in the dead of night walking along the landing and down the stairs into the bar area where he disappears. There have been many strange occurrences, crockery moves itself from the shelves in the kitchen but does not break, a human groan has also often been heard. A favourite calling place for ghost hunters!



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